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11021 - Resizing Fullscreen With A Centered Window On The Screen

by - Unkown Developer

I, along with many others, have been told time and time again, that it was impossible to take over the screen and still make my 640x480 projects appear in the center of the screen. is not. And it definitely doesn't take any "heroic efforts". Other people have tried, and I applaud their effort. However, many write huge chunks of code (script) to do what can be done in a few simple lines. The first thing we need to do is tell Authorware to take over the entire screen... -- Move the window to the top left corner MoveWindow(0,0) -- Resize the window to the user's monitor dimensions. ResizeWindow(ScreenWidth, ScreenHeight) Now we set what will be the left and top edge location of any ICON on the screen. Remember, the presentation/app window is still the entire window. First we grab the absolute center of their monitor. coordx := ScreenWidth/2 -- horizon. center coordy := ScreenHeight/2 -- vert. center Now we move the ICONS themselves. x_pos := WindowLeft + coordx y_pos := WindowTop + coordy That does it. We only need to do one more thing. Inside your project, select each ICONS properties and set their "Layout" properties so that the ICON is placed on the screen based on the value of our variables x_pos and y_pos like this.... Positioning = On Screen Movable = 'depends on your situation' Initial = (X = x_pos) and (Y = y_pos) There you have it. A simple approach to taking over the entire screen and still centering your content. If you have trouble understanding anything, feel free to contact me via e-mail...

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