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The Indeo palette

by - Joseph Ganci

I was working on a project which needed to run on a 256-color system. The graphic artist created a custom 236-color palette for all the graphics she had made, reserving the first 10 and last 10 palette entries for the Windows system colors. 

The application also used AVI video clips, which did not come along until later in the project.  Once the clips were imported, we were faced with a quandary.  If we chose to use the movie palettes, the graphics looked horrible.  On the other hand, if we chose NOT to use the movie palettes, the movies looked awful. 

A little research on Intel's site helped me find the answer.  There I found a palette especially created for multimedia applications that use combinations of AVI and graphics.  I did not have much faith that this would be the answer - I felt sure they would favor the movies to the detriment of the graphics in an application.  Imagine my surprise when I imported the new palette and found that both the movies and the graphics looked wonderful! 

I offer it up here then as a possible solution to your video palette woes as well.  I hope it helps. 

Download the file: indeoavi.pal (1KB)

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