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B1007 - How do I make my window height really small?

by - Joseph Ganci

We're creating content for a Web site.  We need to create the navigation menu (toolbar) with Authorware.  The problem I'm running into is Window size options.  I need the window to be about 600 x 43 (pixels). Can this be done? 

Use the ResizeWindow function to size the window to 600 x 43.  Open a Calculation icon at the top of your flowline. Type the following:

    ResizeWindow(600, 43)

Also, you can choose in File Setup to have a Variable window size and manually position the presentation window to be the size you like.  

In Authorware 4.0 and later: One small but very nice feature of version 4.0 is the on-screen real-time update of the size of the Presentation Window as you resize it.  Choose the Variable window size in the File Properties dialog box, then grab the corner and drag it.  This way, you can set the size to the exact height and width desired.    

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