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B3004 - Why do my subroutine sounds stop playing before they should?

by - Joseph Ganci

I have a Subroutines framework. Within one of the maps is a sound icon, set to play concurrently. The filename is set to a variable. That part works - getting the filename into the sound icon. What doesn't work is when I nav to this map, unless I set the sound icon to "wait until done", the flow goes right through the sound icon without playing it. If I set it to concurrent or perpetual, nada. Zip. I put a Wait icon after the sound icon just for kicks. Sure enough, the sound will play for the amount of time specified in the wait icon.

I put the sound icon in the same map as the map I'm navving FROM and all works fine. What is the deal? This method works with playing QT movies. One sprite icon navved to from whereever. No sweat. But not the sound icon.

Here's the interesting thing. Sound icons "erase" just like Display icons would. In other words, if you had a Display icon in there, you wouldn't expect its contents to stick around when you exit the subroutine, right? Of course, if you set it to prevent automatic erase it would be different. Leaving the subroutine forces everything within it to erase, including stopping any sounds that were started in the subroutine. Make sense?

Rather than using this approach, just use the MediaPlay function to play the sound icon when needed. Let me know if this helps.

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