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B3005 - How do I play MIDI files in my application?

by - Joseph Ganci

I have some nice MIDI files music as background. My question is how do I get them to run in Authorware?

On your Authorware CD-ROM, in \Goodies\UCD\A5WMME, you'll find an external functions file called A5WMME.U32. Copy it to your projects folder.

1. In Authorware, open the Functions dialog box.
2. Choose the last category, which will be the name of your file.
3. Click the Load button.
4. Find the A5WMME.U32 file in your project folder and click Open.
5. You'll see a list of functions in a different dialog box. Scroll down until you see the Midi functions.
6. Click the first MIDI function, MIDIPause, to highlight it.
7. Scroll down and click the last MIDI function, MIDIStop, while holding down the Shift key to highlight all the MIDI functions.
8. Click the Load button and the functions will be loaded.
9. In a Calculation icon, paste the MIDIPlay function and fill in the file name, tempo, and wait values.
10. When the execution of your file hits the Calc icon, your MIDI file will start to play.

You can also use the other MIDI functions. Each has a description.

Note that when you package your file, you must include the A5WMME.U32 file in the same location as your executable project file (NOT in the Xtras folder).

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