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C1019 - Why doesn't my Authorware application fill my laptop screen?

by - Joseph Ganci

I have just purchased a new laptop and have put my Authorware project on this new laptop. I made my project to fill the screen at 640 x 480 and when I change my settings on the laptop to the screen size, my project become very small. Is this just the way laptops work? My laptop is a Dell Latitude with a 14.1" screen. How can I make my project run to fill the entire screen size in the same way it does on my desktop PC?

This is how laptops work. Laptops have pixels fixed on the screen, whereas regular monitors are multisync, which means that they can change the number of pixels being shown. When you set your system to 640 x 480, the monitor is adjusted to show 640 pixels across the screen horizontally, 480 pixels vertically. When you change it to something else, the number of pixels are changed. On a laptop that is 1024 x 768 pixels, changing to a lower resolution just centers the image, using the horizontal and vertical pixels in the middle of the screen, since pixel locations are fixed and cannot change. If you attach a monitor to a laptop, though, you should see the image fill the monitor screen.

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