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B1009 - How do I make sure everything stays centered no matter what my resolution?

by - Joseph Ganci

Several people have asked whether Authorware can't somehow resize everything on the screen so no matter what resolution the client is using, the application will fill the screen.  This is not possible (at least not without heroic efforts).  However, here is the next best thing.  

This solution will allow you to place a full-screen 1024x768 background on the screen.  Authorware will determine the current screen resolution, then move the presentation window so that a 640x480 area is properly centered on the screen. 

The File properties are set to a screen resolution of 1024x768.  We start with a Calculation icon script, which moves the presentation window to the proper place: 
    if ScreenWidth = 640 then XOffset := 192 else if ScreenWidth = 800 then XOffset := 112 
    if ScreenHeight = 480 then YOffset := 144 else if ScreenHeight = 600 then YOffset := 84 
The background Display icon is a full-screen 1024x768 graphic. 

The second Calculation icon contains the following script:
    if ScreenWidth = 1024 then x := 192 else if ScreenWidth = 800 then x := 80 
    if ScreenHeight = 768 then y := 144 else if ScreenHeight = 600 then y :=60 
This will draw a 640 x 480 box in the center of the screen. This acts as a guide for you to place all of your graphics, interactions, and so on.  The final Display icon simply shows an example of where you would place your objects on the screen. 

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