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B2020 - How can I turn a button on and off whenever I wish?

by - Joseph Ganci

I am using the interaction icon within a framework and I only want the buttons to show on certain pages of the framework. I have tried the Active if function but the button is turned off all the time when this is used. I am using Active if: IconID@"icon name" What am I doing wrong ?

You want to place an expression in the Active if field. If the condition is such that the button is available only in a certain range of pages, such as starting on page 5 and ending on page 8, you can put the following expression in the field:

CurrentPageNum > 4 & CurrentPageNum < 9

If the button is available on intermittent pages with no clear pattern, then you can place a variable in the field, such as:


and on the pages where the button should appear, you should place the following expression in a Calc icon:

button_available := true

and on those where it should NOT appear, you should use:

button_available := false

That should do it.

Someone responded a little later:
Well, it would evaluate as true only if iconid is 1. A number greater than 1 is neither false nor true . . .

Peter Whipple then wrote:
That is incorrect. "TRUE" is defined as 1 because it has to be defined as something. In any condition, 0 is false and any non-zero numeric value (or evaluation) is true.

I then wrote:
There are only two states of being, my children: nothingness and existence. In Authorware, nothingness is represented by 0. Existence is represented by any other number. Would one question the trueness of 1? What of the trueness of 1 million?

Question you the trueness of negativity? How could -5 be TRUE, you ask? Would you question the existence of antimatter? What of the existence of tachyons? Believe you not in fairies, elves, and goblins? What about the lack of sleep that leads to thoughts like this? Is this not based in truth as well? Ah, yes, therein lies the secret to hysteria and madness. Philosophy, mathematics, Authorware - it is one and one is all.

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