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B2022 - How do I turn off the Checked state for all the buttons in my file all at once?

by - Joseph Ganci

We've revising an old (and poorly designed) CBT with multiple lessons. Each lesson has its own assessment of 20-40 MC questions. The interactions for these questions use radio buttons which allow the user to check their response, then click a submit button to confirm.

The problem is that after a user completes an assessment and then returns to take it a 2nd time, their previous responses are still checked.

Now I know we can use the Checked@"Icontitle":=FALSE to turn them all off manually each time the user begins the assessment, but this would mean hundreds of these statements. Wondering if anyone has a suggestion (or UCD?) for globally setting the check state for multiple interactions. Other than assessment redesign (which would be the wise decision), I'm not sure we have any choice but to handle each of these manually.

While I normally would never recommend the use of literal icon ids, this is what I would call a quick and dirty script to do what you want:

   repeat with i := 65500 to 98500
     Checked@i := FALSE
   end repeat

It basically runs through every icon in your file and resets the checked state to false. It shouldn't affect anything that isn't a checked button, so you should be cool. It works in packaged mode too. I think the icon id range is all inclusive, but someone correct me if I'm wrong. Hope it helps!

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