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B1010 - How do I show a properly formatted real-time clock?

by - Joseph Ganci

We wish to emulate the time clock on our mainframe system which always displays four digits -- two digits for hours, a colon, and two digits for minutes (HH:MM). The Microsoft Windows system drops zeros whenever they appear as the first digit of either Hour or Minute variables. How do we do this?

Here's what you can embed on the screen to do what you want. If you need a 24-hour clock, military time:

{Test(Hour < 10 , "0" , "")}{Hour}:{Test(Minute < 10 , "0" , "")}{Minute}

If you want a 12-hour clock:

{Test(Hour > 9 & Hour < 13 | Hour > 21 , "" , "0")}{Test(Hour < 13, Test(Hour > 0 , Hour, 12) , Hour - 12)}:{Test(Minute < 10 , "0" , "")}{Minute}

If you want an AM or PM to appear after the 12-hour time, append to the script right above with:

{Test(Hour > 11 , "PM" , "AM")}

Be sure to choose the Icon Properties for the Display icon in which you're using the above script and select the Update Displayed Variables option. Your time will show on the screen beautifully.

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