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B1022 - How do I show a countdown timer?

by - Joseph Ganci

I need to show a countdown that starts from 2 minutes, to 0. How can I do it?

Assuming you're in an interaction when you want to show a countdown clock, attach a time limit response and set it to 120 seconds (you can have its branching set to Try Again if you wish for the time limit to be ignored after 2 minutes). In the Interaction icon, set the property Update Displayed Variables and put the following on the screen:

{INT((TimeRemaining) / 60)}:{Test(INT(TimeRemaining - INT((TimeRemaining) / 60)*60) < 10,"0", "")}{INT(TimeRemaining - INT((TimeRemaining) / 60)*60)}

That should do it. It will even put in a leading zero when the number of seconds fall below 10.

If you're not in an interaction, it's a little more difficult. I've taken a real fast crack at it, so I'm expecting those of you who may have a little more time to pare the following down.

Put a display icon on the flowline and call it "count down" (or something similar). Attach to it a Caculcation ornament containing the following:

start := SystemSeconds
timer := 120

(Note that you can set the timer above to however many seconds you wish).

In the display icon, set it to Update Displayed Variables and place the following:

{Test(INT((timer - (SystemSeconds - start)) / 60) > 0, INT((timer - (SystemSeconds - start)) / 60), "0")}:{Test(INT(timer - (SystemSeconds - start) - INT((timer - (SystemSeconds - start)) / 60)*60) < 10,"0", "")}{Test(INT(timer - (SystemSeconds - start) - INT((timer - (SystemSeconds - start)) / 60)*60) > 0, INT(timer - (SystemSeconds - start) - INT((timer - (SystemSeconds - start)) / 60)*60), "0")}

It's hairy, but it works!

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