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B2023 - How can I check for more than one answer in a fill-in-the-blank?

by - Joseph Ganci

I have a Fill in the Blank question, which could feasibly have more than one answer that would be correct. Below is what I currently have in my calc icon.


How can I set it so that it would mark it correct if the User typed in an expanded answer. In this example, "LOCAL", "LOCAL BOOK" or "LOCAL ADDRESS BOOK" could all be correct answers.

You want to use the OR operator, which is the vertical bar (|). It's on your keyboard above the Enter key. You can make the target of your text entry response:


Note that you should not put spaces before or after the |. Note that if you double-click on the text entry responses, you will see a number of options. One of them is for extra words. If you only care that they type the word LOCAL (upper or lower case), keep the option Ignore Extra Words turned on and then you only need to have your target be


Of course, then they could type LOCAL THEATER and still be considered correct. Play with the options for capitalization and other aspects of the response to get your best outcome.

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