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1003 - Why are the internal Authorware variables returning the wrong values in an interaction?

by - Joseph Ganci

I'm building an interaction which has 4 responses...The first exits the interaction once the response is evaluated as correct. The second two are buttons that the user can click to register a response (they set a value based on something that pops up inside the response. The last is a conditional set to trigger after either of the buttons has been pressed. I only want to check the value that is associated with the most recently pressed button.

I'd like to use the built in AW variables for this if I can, but everything I have tried returns the choicenumber, title, etc., of the conditional, not the USER input, despite the fact that all the documentation says that these variables contain the user's response, not automatic reactions to it.

For example:

ChoiceNumber contains the number of the last response icon matched by the user in the current interaction...

MatchedIconTitle contains the title of the last response icon the user matched...

Or do I just have to bite the bullet and make a custom variable for this one?

Conditionals are also considered user responses, though that may be counterintuitive. Anything hanging off an Interaction icon, in other words, is a user response.

All is not lost, however. You can use the ObjectClicked variable to know which button was clicked. You can also use the Checked variable within each button response both to turn off the checked state of the other button and to turn on the checked state of the one just clicked. ObjectClicked is easier, though.

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