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1009 - Why does my reference to a specific IconTitle not work?

by - Joseph Ganci

I created a list that is populated by using a display icon title (they are numbered 1,2,3,4,5). It will not recognize the number 4. I created the list using


The images are dragged to hotspots (Drop1 through Drop5). Each hotspot has a calc icon with

qMatch[GetNumber(1, IconTitle)] := IconTitle(IconID@ObjectMatched )

It works for every one except the number 4!!! I have changed the order, checked and double-checked the properties of the display icon, etc. It is most baffling. Any ideas?

It is very likely that you have another icon named 4 in your file Search for it and see if it isn't there. Using variables like ObjectMatched works great unless Authorware is not able to resolve the icon id because of a naming conflict. Question: Why not just use ObjectMatched by itself, which returns the icon title, instead of IconTitle(IconID@ObjectMatched)? Regardless, you'll want to remove the conflict so that the rest of the equation will work as well. Good luck!

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