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1023 - How can I get a radio button to move with the scrolling graphic it is on top of?

by - Joseph Ganci

Here's one for all you AW scripting warriors...

I have a graphic (screen grab) that I set up to scroll with a scroll bar/slider. It's in a software tutorial where the content screen scrolls, so I have to show that. So far so good. It scrolls fine. Now I want to have interactions on the screen to move with the scroll. Has anyone had any luck getting, say, a radio button to move along with a scrolling graphic? What I have been able to implement is using a 'fake' radio button made up of a hotspot and result graphics that look the radio button is selected/deselected. Those I can erase and re-display in the correct spot.That's a 'good enough' solution but the result graphics don't really scroll - they are erased and re-displayed. Any thoughts?

Check out the CopyList(anylist) function description: ... When you assign a variable to a list, the variable contains only a reference to the list. If you assign the contents of that variable to another, only the reference to the list is copied.

The statement ListA:=ListB:=[] sets ListB as a referenced analog of ListA.

Yeah, I knew it was documented somewhere, and was perfectly meant to be that way, but it seemed perfectly logical to initialize list variables the way you initialize all other variables. I thought I would just warn you that this can lead to some unexpected results...

No need for a fake radio button. Let's say your scrolling field is called "box". In the Location fields for the button, set the x field to DisplayX@"box" and the y field to DisplayY@"box". You may have to subtract or add pixels to place the button exactly where you wish relative to the scrolling box: DisplayX@"box" - 18, for instance. Have fun!

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