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1028 - What can I do if my file stops working after my computer crashes?

by - Joseph Ganci

I just had an interesting development. My system crashed while I had my Authorware file open and upon rebooting, I found I was unable to open the Authorware file. I kept getting a "memory is full" error, though the file is only 3.5 megs and I had no trouble opening the previously saved backup (hooray for backups!). This hasn't happened to me in years.

I was miffed, though, so I tried different ways to open the file. I double-clicked it, I dragged it into the open Authorware app, I tried opening it by holding down different keys (Shift, Ctrl, etc.), but nothing worked.

In a moment of insanity, I tried using WinZip to zip the file, then unzip it to a different location. It worked! I can now open the file. I immediately performed a Save and Compact to a different name. I don't normally use S&C, but it seemed prudent here.

BTW, I have decided to upgrade from Win98 to Win2000, because I'm sick of rebooting my machine several times a day, and I've done all I can to avoid conflicts on the machine. Are there any strong caveats of which we should be aware in upgrading? I'm really looking forward to its stability. All of our machines are relatively new, each one being less than 2 years old. I've done a preliminary check of peripherals to see if they're compliant, and I don't see any real problems there. Anything else?

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