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1039 - How can I figure out what section of my course the user is in after they jump from one section to another?

by - Joseph Ganci

In my course, I track where the user is in the course by displaying the current Section and Topic on the screen. This is done by creating lists containing the Section and Topic names. My problem is this: the user can jump in the program using a navigation icon set to Search". How can I identify the Section and Topic that the user has jumped to so that I can update my displayed Sections and Topics variables? I know to do this I need to identify the Sections map and the related Topics map. I would appreciate any help.

There are a couple of ways you can do this. If you are keeping your information in a list, you can use another list location to store the section and topic for each screen so that your information on the screen is showing this information from the list directly based on the current page number:

{section[currentpagenum]} {topic[currentpagenum]}

The section list will contain the section name for each page, with each page being a location in the list. Ditto for the topic. I'm not crazy about this approach, because you would need to reorder things if pages change, never a good idea.

You might consider adding it as information to the current list, so that the information moves with which page changes automatically.

The simplest solution, though not the most elegant, would be to add a small script to each page so that when the search jumps to a page, it loads the section and topic information. This has the added benefit of no changes needed if the pages get deleted or if others get added. Hope this helps.

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