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1042 - Can I use EvalAssign in an Icon Title?

by - Joseph Ganci

Can I use EvalAssign in an icon title?

So that you could put, for instance:

lessonNum := 3

as the icon's title and


in the Calc icon.

In the Calc icons in which I use EvalAssign (a practice I don't use often, by the way), I actually will put the following:

if EvalStatus > 0 then MessageBox(WindowHandle, EvalStatus ^ ": " ^ EvalMessage, "Error in Icon " ^ IconTitle, 0)

This puts up useful information, courtesy of the EvalStatus and EvalMessage variables. That way, if the variable lessonNum doesn't exist in the file,for instance, MessageBox would pop up with:

22: Variable 'lessonNum' is not defined.

The box's title bar would show:

Error in Icon lessonNum := 4

This has been useful to me. I hope it is to you.

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