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1046 - How can I have quiz results emailed to my students or myself?

by - Joseph Ganci

I have an Aware packaged piece for CD delivery. A quiz follows the course.
Once the quiz is complete, I want the student to see the results & if they desire, I want the student to have the option to type their name, student number & click a submit button that sends the results via email to the instructor.

There is a knowledge object that comes with Authorware 5 and later that is called Send Email. Drag it to the flowline after you put the results up on the screen for the user to see. It will open. Fill out the information it asks for. For the text to send, use an equals sign followed by a variable name, such as


AW will tell you the variable isn't defined yet, so just say yes when it asks if you want the KO to create it.

After you close the KO, place a calculation icon before the KO and inside of it, set the variable text to the results, such as:

text := studentname ^ " " ^ fulldate ^ " " ^ fulltime (etc.) If you just included the above, whta would be sent is the student's name (assuming it was stored in the variable studentname), the date and the time.
Hope this helps.

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