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1048 - What exactally does GetIconContents do?

by - Joe Ganci

GetIconContents returns a list.

It is my understanding that if you refer to a list without specifically using CopyList, that any change in the original list should be reflected in other lists that reference it.

However, if I set a variable = to GetIconContents, then move the icon, none of the rectangles in the variable update. Bug, or designed behavior?

GetIconContents is a function. The list it returns is generated when the function is called. Therefore, there is no intrinsic list in the icon that is being referenced. The list is created and passed to your variable at the moment the function is called, then disposed. That is how I'm figuring it's working. This is similar to how some of the CMI variables work - they're really shadow functions, and therefore don't update when expected.

Would be nice, though, huh? ;-)

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