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1054 - What is the best program?

by - Joseph Ganci

In your opinion which program is the best authoring program Authorware, Direcrtor, or Flash? Also, is it easy to integrate Director and Flash into Authorware?

We are using Director for our thesis project. But I prefer to use authorware. I want to set up a management system where I am able to record there scores after completing the lesson and also if the score is unsatisfactory the student is not able to go to the next level. Which book would you recommended for creating elearning software program.

The best program for what? There is no perfect program for everything. We use Authorware, Director, Flash, Delphi, Visual Basic, Dreamweaver, and lots of other applications, depending on what the need is, and of course we combine different programs to take advantage of the strengths of each. For data management, Authorware is definitely the best. You can integrate both Flash and Director into Authorware, though Flash is easier to integrate. I hope this helps.

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