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1058 - How can I make sure that I can deliver over a LAN that restricts package size?

by - Joseph Ganci

I am wondering if you might have a bit of Authorware information that we will probably be needing very soon. In some of our legacy environments the rule is that nothing larger that 75k can go through the network. Are our Authorware files going to be bigger than that? If so, is there anything we can do packaging-wise to change that. If not, is there anything that comes to mind that we can do?

When you package the files for the web, you'll be able to dictate how big to make each segment, so you can make each one 75K or less. That part is simple. However, the fly in the ointment is if there are any images in the file that are larger than 75K. There may be some here or there, probably not many. If there are, when you pacakge for the web, you'll see that some of the segment sizes will be larger than 75K. Those will be the ones that contain the images that are too big to fit in 75K. Sounds are not a problem - they will be split up between segments, but images cannot be divided.

The good news is that Authorware has an option, available under the Xtras pulldown menu, called Icon Size Report, that will generate a text file that shows the size of each icon. Any icon that shows a size bigger than 75K will be the nasty culprit. The thing to do then is to find the offending image and resize it or resample it to get its size down. While this process won't be difficult, you will want to dedicate a day or two to make sure you won't be caught trying to rush it in at the last minute, especially if there turn out to be a lot more large images than expected.

I was just reminded by Chris Swenson that some of the Xtras and U32 files (both types are helper files needed to run the course) may be bigger than 75K. There's nothing we can think of that will allow anyone to break those apart into smaller chunks. This may be a problem. Sorry for the bad news.

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