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1059 - Can I set Icons to have certain properties by default?

by - Joseph Ganci

I am wondering if it is supposed to be like this. I am able to change the default icons that you use to drag onto the flow line. Take the Display Icon as an example (only one I have tested this with). Drag one onto the flow line. Give it a name, add some stuff to it, and then drag it back to the "default icon table thingy" (where you originally dragged it from. Then drag a new display icon from this table onto the flow line. It will then contain the settings, names and data that you had in the first one.

Is this a bug or the way it is supposed to be? If it is supposed to be like this, then a little warning to all users. The changes seems to remain even when you start on a new file. Furthermore, most of the time the changes are easy to see. But say you only change something in the properties. That might not be so easily spotted, and might lead to strange results that might have you (or someone else) puzzled for ages!

I assume you're using version 6. This is a great new feature. Never fear, however, if you want to reset all of the icons, choose:

1. File
2. Preferences
3. Reset Icon Palette

If you want to reset individual ones, you can drag the ones you want to keep to the flowline, reset the icon palette, then drag back to the palette those you want to keep.

Pretty cool, huh?

If you do change the icons in the icon palette by dragging a new icon over it, it's a good idea to name the icon something like "Modified Display Icon" and maybe attach a Calculation ornament that contains a comment about what was changed so that there will be no mistaking a modified icon for a default one.

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