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B2009 - How do I show the right answer inside the text entry field?

by - Joseph Ganci

I am doing a quiz exercise: I would like the user to introduce one word in a text field. The right answer is "rightanswer" (I know, my imagination is not amazing 8) ). I allow 3 attempts to write it right. If the answer is right I want to leave it in the field but if it is not I want to fill it in with the right answer (and that's my problem). I can NOT fill the text field, I would like AW to fill it automaticaly with the right answer. At the moment I am doing the following:
- An interaction icon that controls the iteration. Inside this icon :
       - A Text Entry (where I read the answer)
       - A tries Limit (3 times control)
       - A conditional ("right" to exit)
       - A conditional ("wrong" to continue and read again)
At the end I try to use a Calculation Icon with: EntryText := "rightanswer" but it does not work, obviously because the Entry Text field is not updated. What can I do? Any ideas? If not ... Can I do this in any other way?

First, advice you can throw away: I find that taking the student's answer away to replace it with the correct one sometimes will make students declare - "Hey, wait a minute! That was my answer!" In other words, it's a good idea to keep the student's answer up and show them the correct answer underneath so that they can compare.

Having said that, there's a couple of things you can do. Your approach of setting EntryText := "rightanswer" is correct but you've used the wrong variable. It should be PresetEntry := "rightanswer". However, this will only work if you use a Try Again response so it probably won't work for you.

No, the way I'd do this is to erase the student's response (or let Authorware's automatic erase take effect), then show the correct answer in the same location. Smoke and mirrors, my friend.

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