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1064 - Why is AW6 publishing unused U32s?

by - Amy Blankenship

I seem to be having problems with the Batch Publish feature in AW6.

I have a router exe that I have set to publish the Xtras, u32's, and other
supporting shared files. That works fine.

The other files, I unchecked the check boxes for these items. However,
when I batch publish, it still attempts to publish the u32's, and will
actually do it if they can find them. This is a sample from the log:

12:07:33:637 Opening C:\Documents and Settings\All
Users\Desktop\Work\CBTLets\Assign a Counselor & Dorm\Assign a Counselor &
12:07:33:667 OK.

12:07:33:667 Packaging Assign a Counselor & Dorm.a6p without Runtime.
12:07:34:909 OK.

12:07:34:909 Copying budapi.u32.
12:07:34:909 Warning: budapi.u32 does not exist.

12:07:34:909 Copying MSAgent2.u32.
12:07:34:909 Warning: MSAgent2.u32 does not exist.

12:07:34:909 Copying WinCtrls.u32.
12:07:34:949 OK.

12:07:34:949 Copying FrameData.ini.
12:07:34:989 OK.

I verified that the check marks are gone next to all the u32's. I don't
want to delete the files from the list entirely, because there is all kinds
of crap you have to go through when you add them back manually if you
decide to publish for the web.

The Framedata.ini line verifies that it is actually sort of using the
publish settings I entered.

Am I missing something? Will I have to bite the bullet and delete the
lines for the u32's?

Has anyone else used the Batch publish successfully to publish files that
share u32's? This can't be that uncommon...I'd imagine that MOST people
who are batch publishing are sharing Xtras and u32's.

This is not just happening with Batch Publishing. It also
happens with the straight publush for the file. I tried deleting a file
from the list, rather than just unchecking it (no effect). I tried
deleting the path to where they should be published (no effect). What do
I have to do to prevent OBP from trying to publish unwanted U32's?

It turns out that I had a library with references to these u32's.
Even though the libraries themselves were not being packaged separately
(package internally checked), the assets they needed were still being
published to the default location.

I did not realize that I would have to modify the settings of libraries
that were not, themselves, being packaged, but it makes sense that the
functions they use would be.

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