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1065 - How can I prevent users from closing my program?

by - Joseph Ganci

I'm having trouble finding out how to disable the close window "x" on the right side of the title bar on the window my course launches in.

We were able to enable bookmarking in our courses but if the user clicks the "x" to close the course the calculation doesn't pass and a post url error pops on the screen. If I can disable the "x", I'm sitting pretty.

The best solution for closing the x button and the minimize/maximize buttons, assuming you do want the title bar to appear, is to use the BuddyAPI solution. This is a set of external functions which you can purchase at low cost from There is a function called baRemoveSysItems and another called baAddSysItems that can be used to elminate not only the buttons but also the little menu you get when you click the far left button on the title bar. This stops the users from closing it that way. There is also another way to close an app - Alt-F4, which will close most Windows apps. BudAPI also includes functions for disabling specific keys and from task-switching to other apps.

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