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1066 - How can I embed a variable in a string?

by - Joseph Ganci

I am creating a subroutine that will come back with the answer having the contents of the variable within the braces substituted. So that instead of seeing C) {alc1}, you would see C) .01 (the contents of alc1 is .01)

I tried:

--StartVar= the position of the first brace,
--LocVar = The variable containing "C){alc1}".

StartVar := Find("{",LocVar)
EndVar := Find ("}",LocVar)
TVariable := SubStr(LocVar, StartVar, EndVar)
Variable := SubStr(LocVar, StartVar + 1, EndVar - 1)
LocVar := ReplaceWord(TVariable, Variable, LocVar)

The last line should be replaced to the following:

LocVar := ReplaceWord(TVariable, Eval(Variable), LocVar)

Variable is the result of SubStr, which returns a STRING, not the contents of the variable represented by the string. The Eval function will evaluate the contents of the string if it is a real variable.

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