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1071 - Why isn't SetIconProperty working in packaged mode?

by - Joseph Ganci

I have made some media control functions, but there seems to be a problem with it when I package my work. The functionality that I have implemented is play, pause, stop (which stops and "rewinds"), next (which moves movie to next frame and pauses there), previous (same as next, only showing previous frame). I am using MediaPosition and Set/GetIconProperty to manipulate the movie. This works when I am testing inside Authorware. But after I package it (either as an .exe file or .a6r file) it does not work. None of the buttons works (the movie is not playing), the fps does is not displayed, only the MediaPosition is displayed, but it does not work to try and update it).

Another strange thing is that when I set up the movie control and import the movie into my work where it is supposed to be, the functions are extreamly slow. But when I set it up in a totally clean and new module, it works smoothly. Furthermore, it is only recently that it does not work smoothly in the "original" module ... it has been working smoothly there before. The delays seems to be taking place when the SetIconProperty function is called.

Hi, I'm afraid you failed to read the function description for SetIconProperty:

SetIconProperty(IconID@"IconTitle", #property, value)
SetIconProperty sets the value of the property for the specified icon. The icon can be a standard icon, or an asset Xtra icon. This function only operates on unpackaged files. Use GetIconProperty to get the value of a property. Use SetSpriteProperty to set a property of the sprite displayed by a sprite icon.
See the Authorware help pages for a list of supported properties.

As you can see, it says it operates only on unpackaged files. This function is meant to be used to create bots, Knowledge Objects, and Commands, hence its nature. Despite what the function description says, SetIconProperty does work with some properties at runtime. This is obviously not well explained, at least anywhere I've seen. I'm trying to do an exhaustive study to see which ones work and which ones don't for my next book. In the meanwhile, this does not appear to be one that works in this instance.

The slowness that is happening may be caused by the call, but it's more likely it is being caused by a file that has perhaps become a bit congested internally. I would try a Save and Compact to see if that fixes the problem, or you can simply do a Save As to a different file name and see if that clears up the problem.

As for the media functionality you need, the good news is that SetIconProperty is not required. Play with the MediaSeek, MediaPlay, and MediaPause functions to achieve your goal. Good luck and I hope this has helped.

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