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1072 - Can't I autostart a QT movie that has a controller bar?

by - Joseph Ganci

I would like to auto-start a QuickTime video in AW6. Works fine until default controls are included. Thanks.

OK, I didn't know if this would be possible, so I had to try to see if I could make it work. There may be a better way, but I succeeded by doing this.

Let's say you call your QuickTime movie QT. Before the QT icon, place the following in a Calc icon:

SetIconProperty(IconID@"QT", #controller, FALSE)
SetIconProperty(IconID@"QT", #pausedatstart, FALSE)

Then put the QT icon (without setting the controller checkbox).

After the QT icon, place another Calc and place the following inside:

SetIconProperty(IconID@"QT", #controller, TRUE)

I've tested this and it works in packaged mode too, but it does cause the video to suddenly compress slightly because of the addition of the controller. Hope this helps.

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