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1074 - How do I set up a target area response with a video on the screen?

by - Joseph Ganci

I want to include a video with a drag and drop exercise on the same screen. I know that I need an interaction icon with calculate icons for play, pause etc. How can I insert a drag and drop exercise into the same interaction? I know I need separate display icons for the words of the exercise. Where should I put these? How can I go about this?

You can place your controls and target area responses all attached to the same Interaction icon. The Display icons that contains the objects to be dragged (words, in your case), should be placed above the Interaction icon so that they show up on the screen before the Interaction icon takes effect. Be aware that videos take top layer on the screen, so you can't drag words onto the top of the video. For this reason, you should use Authorware's ability to restrict dragging to an area of the screen so that students don't accidentally drag the word behind the video and lose sight of it.

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