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B2011 - How do I change the action key for a text entry response?

by - Joseph Ganci

I'm relatively new to Authorware, and am wondering... Is it is possible to reset the text entry key so that when users hit the return key in a text entry field, they begin another line of entry; for example, writing a poem in the text entry box or a small paragraph.  I know you are terribly inundated with questions, but I would be quite grateful for your assistance.

1. Click once on the Interaction icon to which the text entry is attached.
2. Hit Ctrl-I to see its icon properties.
3. Click the Text field button.
4. Click the Interaction tab.
5. Type in a different Action key.

By using a different action key, such as F12 to indicate text entry is finished, the Return key will work as you desire. Of course, you'll have to tell your users what action key to press to indicate they're done. Glad to be of help! 

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