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1088 - How do I make two buttons mutually exclusive?

by - Joe Ganci

I've got a module where the user can turn on or off a had been done in a previous module when you click on one button the other button appears (choice voice on, then voice off appears). Iíve made my own custom buttons for this particular module but copied over the pieces pertaining to the buttons, then chose my new buttons. My problem is that they don't toggle to show the other anymore. So when I press Turn voice off, that is all I see, when I should be seeing Turn voice on. I've looked at every button and statement to see what might have gotten changed and can not find anything. Any suggestions?

Take a look at the Active If field in both of the buttons' properties, both in the old and the new. The way this normally works is that the Active if fields will be mutually exclusive. This means, for instance, that you may have in one of the buttons the variable

voice = TRUE (or simply voice by itself)

and in the other

voice = FALSE (or simply ~voice)

This means when the variable voice gets changed from FALSE to TRUE, one of the buttons will be active, the other not. When you change the value of voice from TRUE to FALSE, the buttons switch states. Finally, you may be missing the step of actually assigning the value of the variable. This is normally done as part of the feedback of the button in a calculation icon or ornament.

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