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B3003 - How do I play external sounds in Authorware before version 4?

by - Joseph Ganci

The MediaPlay, etc., functions are there for the icons in the piece. Its syntax says MediaPlay (IconId@"IconTitle). For this I will have to embed all the sound files in my program and this is going to increase the size too much.(300 MB) Is there anyway I can keep the sound files outside the program and use the MediaPlay function to play the files?

First, I would highly recommend upgrading to v. 5.0. But, if that's not possible, then look on the 3.5 CD. There you'll find an external functions file called A3WMME.UCD (or U32). Load that file from the Load Functions feature in Authorware and you'll see the functions you need. WavePlay, WavePlaying, and so on should all be in there. I used to use those all the time. Good luck!


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