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B4001 - My Quicktime movie is covering up too much. What to do?

by - Joseph Ganci

In my current project (Mac AW3.5) I am using several external Quicktime movies which are under user control and activated by a button. On the same screen I have several hotrods that bring up glossary definitions when activated. The Glossary definition and Quicktime movie use the same portion of the screen. If the user launches a movie and then launches the Glossary word a conflict occurs. The Glossary appears but is not visible since the Quicktime movie is covering it up.

I need the Glossary to be in front of the Quicktime without making the Quicktime disappear. Giving the Glossary a layer of 10 and the movie a layer of 1 does not help. Neither does using the Bring to Front (or Back) feature. Any suggestions? 

Since the movie will remain at the top layer, you must delete it. However, unless the movie is in the middle of the frame when you need to overlay the glossary, you can display the first frame or the last frame of the movie, captured as a graphic, underneath the movie before you erase it. 

When you erase the movie, no one will notice because the proper frame appears below it. You can then plot the glossary over the graphic frame. When you need the movie back, just restart it, then erase the graphic.

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