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B5001 - How do I jump to a specific icon in a different file?

by - Joseph Ganci

I am using several files to represent the different parts of my Authorware piece.  I set up a help file that I want to be able to access all the other files. That part is fine.  My problem is that I want the "help menu" file to be able to jump to a specific icon within another files.  Is this possible?? Thank-you.  

There is no direct way to do this. Instead, you have to provide an argument from the JumpFile or JumpFileReturn function which is then read in the file to which you are jumping. For instance, if you want to jump to an icon called "arthur" in the file "File2" to which you are jumping, you first set up a variable in both the sending and receiving file. Call it JumpIcon perhaps. Then, in the sending file, write the following script: 
    JumpIcon := "arthur" 

In the receiving file, the first icon at the top of your flow line would be a Calculation icon with the following script: 

    Before Authorware 4.0: if JumpIcon <> "" then Eval("GoTo(@\"" ^ JumpIcon ^ "\")") 

    Versions 4.0 and later: if JumpIcon <> "" then GoTo(@JumpIcon)

Note that this will not work if there is more than one icon in the file named "arthur" so be sure to make your icon name unique. 

One Note:  In reality, I have only used the GoTo function once or twice in the eight years I've been using Authorware.  Since I (like most people) are using Framework icons to organize our code, it's a little more elegant to use a Navigate icon instead of the GoTo function, since by its very nature you know by looking at it that you are jumping to a specific page, not to any icon in your file. This make it much easier to track your code. In this case, then, I would substitute the if statement above with a Navigate icon set as follows:

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