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B8004 - How do I have some code execute every time the user changes Framework pages?

by - Joseph Ganci

One of the last bugs I have in my presentation involves paging.  What happens is as I move from page to page Authorware only enters the Framework icon the first time it enters.  What I would like Authorware to do is re-enter the framework icon as it pages from next to previous pages attached to the framework.

I have some calculations that are in the Framework icon that need to be called every time the user changes pages. I don't want to have to deal with PressKey().

Attach a new response to the Interaction inside the Framework icon. Set it to perpetual conditional with a field set to 

    CurrentPageNum@"name of your framework" <> myPage 

Attach a Calculation icon to it in which you do all your work (or a Map icon if you have more than calculations to do). In the calculation icon, have the following line:  
    myPage := CurrentPageNum@"name of your framework" 
Add whatever code you need to perform each time the page changes. 

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