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B6003 - Why is there overlap between the CMI functions and variables?

by - Joseph Ganci

I'm starting to take my first steps towards using Pathware with the CMI vars in A5W.   I'm noticing a lot of overlap between the CMI system variables and the CMI system functions.

For example, the Var CMIConfig sounds exactly like the function CMIGetConfig.  The var CMIFailed can be tested or set and indicates whether the student has failed the activity.  The CMI function CMISetFailed sets the lesson as failed and the CMI Function CMIIsFailed returns a boolean which tells me whether or not the student has failed an activity.

These are just two or three I saw immediately.  What gives?  Why so much overlap and what are the advantages/disadvantages for different approaches  here?

Most of the CMI variables are actually shadow functions.  They in fact call out to get the status from the database and are given to you as a convenience.  That's why you can't show them on the screen, as well.

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