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B6004 - How do I use the CallSprite function?

by - Joseph Ganci

How would we use the methods in Authorware documentation says

MoveTo ( Sprite X, Integer X, Integer Y, Integer Speed )
but in Authorware we call a sprite with:

result := CallSprite(@"SpriteIconTitle", #method [, argument...])
so I'm not sure what to do with the Sprite parameter. Anyone got some example code??

Until you get some sample code, you can try the following.After you have loaded the control into a Sprite icon (say it's called "mysprite"), then the calc should be:

result := CallSprite(@"mysprite", #MoveTo, value for Sprite X, value for Integer X, value for Integer Y, value for Integer Speed)

What I mean by the last four arguments is that you should just pass the values for each of the arguments listed.

When you open the Sprite Icon and look at its options, verify that the MoveTo method is listed there. If it isn't, something is wrong and you should try reloading the ActiveX control.  Hope this helps.

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