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C1002 - How do I prevent some pages from being searched upon by users?

by - Joseph Ganci

I am building a CD-ROM to be use for reference material and I want the user to be able to search for text (i.e. use the Framework search capability). The problem I have is I don't want certain frameworks to be searchable. I want to have sections that the user cannot access through the search. Thanks in advance for the assistance. 

Before version 4.0: Open the Effects dialog box for those Display or Interaction icons you don't wish searched and click the option Exclude from Text Search. Voila! 
In version 4.0 or later: Open the Display or Interaction icon's Properties dialog box for those you don't wish searched, click the Display tab, then and click the option Exclude from Text Search. Voila!

By the way, this is a great way from preventing any Display icons you set up as debug code from being searched on by users. 

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