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C1005 - How do I set up a cross-platform floating dialog box?

by - Joseph Ganci

Is there a cross platform solution to floating dialog boxes? I want to be able to set up a floating window which allows user to move the window around the screen but I presume that I will need some externals that will do this. Macromedia gave us some floating windows which are used for "find" and "recent pages". Why didn't they give us a floating palette window which we can stick out own stuff into? 

You can create your own floating dialog box.  Just create what you would like the dialog box to look like in a Display icon. Then:

If you're using Authorware before version 4.0: Open up the Effects dialog box under the Attributes menu and set the option to have the user move the dialog box freely.  You can furthermore choose to restrict the movement of the dialog box to a specific rectangular area of the screen.  
If you're using Authorware version 4.0 or later: Open up the Properties dialog box, click on the Layout tab, and change the Positioning option. Notice that you now have an additional option to restrict the user so that the dialog box can be dragged only within the parameters of the presentation window (On Screen):  

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