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C1008 - Authorware says all of our fonts are different, but they're not! What to do?

by - Joseph Ganci

We have multiple developers working on different pieces of an Authorware project.  We keep the source code locked up in Source Safe for retreival by whatever developer needs to work on it.  Trouble is, any display text in the file gets reformatted according to the specific developer's machine.  We're using only Arial and Times New Roman fonts.  Any ideas? 

Not long ago, I was asked to help fix the same problem at a client site.  Each of the team members were accessing files off of a server, but every time they would open a file that had been worked on a different machine, it would want to reformat fonts even though they all were using Arial and Times New Roman and Windows 95.  Upon further investigation, I discovered that some of their machines were Dells, others Gateways, and still others from other manufacturers.  The upshot was that even though they thought they were using the same fonts because they had identical names (Arial, Times New Roman), each of the manufacturers had elected to put their own versions of these fonts on their machines.  The fonts looked very similar, but were just different enough for Authorware to want to reformat.

The solution was to find the straight Microsoft Windows 95 CD-ROM (rather than the Dell or Gateway version CD-ROM), strip their systems of their fonts and reload them from the one CD-ROM. That cured their problems.

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