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C1009 - Why does my computer self-destruct when I use Repeat...While?

by - Joseph Ganci

Why does my computer self-destruct when I do a    
    Repeat While MouseDown = FALSE 
    End Repeat
in a calculation icon???

It doesn't exactly self-destruct.  What is happening is that your repeat loop is stuck in its loop.  Try this.  Have the mouse button pressed down when you start your repeat loop.  It won't execute and will bypass the repeat.  

Once in your repeat, external devices are not polled: this allows the repeat loops to execute as quickly as possible.  That's why your MouseDown variable will not work here. 

By the way, to get out of the loop when it's stuck, hit Ctrl-Break on your keyboard (or Cmnd . on the Mac).  It should break out and you will see a dialog box telling you so.  If it doesn't work the first time, try a few more times. Also see note C1003 on the previous screen for more information.

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