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C1011 - I'm using a Decision icon. How do I reset it in my file?

by - Joseph Ganci

I'm using a forward button to cycle sequentially through a decision icon to load paragraphs of text on the screen. If the user leaves this screen (goes back one page for example) then comes back to this screen, the decision icon picks up where it left off (instead of restarting at child number 1). Does anyone know of a way to 'Reset Path on Entry' from a calc icon when I enter this page?

There are two ways to do reset a Decision icon's paths:
1. There 's a checkbox in the Decision icon properties called Reset Paths on Entry. Using this option will force it to start over each and every time the Decision icon is encountered.

2. You can use the ReplaceSelection function. If you call this function from a script, you have direct control as to when the Decision icon should be reset.

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