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C1012 - Why aren't there more Authorware web-enabled sites on the Web? Where can I find help?

by - Joseph Ganci

I am a true newbie, just learning Authorware 5.  What I need in addition to the questions on this list is a sense of how others are using the program. I am also curious that so few seem to post URLs of their work (proprietary?).  And is there a FAQ or archive somewhere?  Or some sites dedicated to helping me figure out how to put all of this into context? Thanks for any info & insight.

Welcome to Authorware!

Authorware is used mainly for training and education, though it is a robust enough language that it can also be used for other types of applications. It is not a substitute for Visual Basic or other more general purpose language for creating applications like a word processor or a graphics package, but for training and education, nothing beats Authorware.

The reason you don't see a lot of URLs out there for Authorware is less an indication of Authorware's popularity (it's VERY popular in this field) and more an indication of the audience for Authorware-built products. Most of the time courses that are written in Authorware are not for use by the general public, unlike applications written in Director or Flash, which are geared more toward consumers. Instead, courses are usually placed on INTRAnets or distrbuted on CD-ROM, meaning they are accessed only by those within an organization. This may be a school, a company, or a government agency. Within these types of organizations, Authorware is used extensively. I can vouch for that since I've created a lot of thse types of courses and I don't think a one of them is being used outside the organizations that requested them.

There are currently almost 30 web sites on an Authorware Web Ring, meaning you can jump to any site on the ring from any other site, including from our Links page. You can get to the main ring site by going to;index .

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