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C1013 - Is there an Xtra for File I/O in Authorware as in Director?

by - Joseph Ganci

There is a FileI/O extra for Director which allows you to open a file, read/write to it according to lines in the file, and close the file.  Is there an Xtra like this for AW? The file functions in AW allow me to read the entire contents of a file, but not parts of a file, or certain lines of a file.  I really need to do this. Does anyone know if there is an Xtra for AW such as this?

You'll be happy to know that the same File I/O Xtra you use for Director is used in Authorware. In fact, the release notes that come with the File I/O Xtra in Authorware says the following:

FileIO Xtra
Version 1.0.4 - 09dec97 CH

FileIO Xtra for Macromedia Director 6.0
======================================= you think it could be the same as that used in Director? :)

The Xtra is in the Xtras folder, along with all the others.

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