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C2004 - How do I cover the screen and use auto run? (2 questions)

by - Joseph Ganci

1. My presentation window is the standard 640x480 but I want a black border to fill the computer screen for computers using higher resolution. How do I do this?

2. Also how do I create auto run for my cd?

1. On the Authorware CD-ROM, look for the cover.u32 file. It contains a cover function that will do exactly what you want. Load it from within Authorware. The manual will give you more information on how to use external functions like this one.

2. As for autorun, I learned how to do it by looking at an example on a CD-ROM that I had that auto ran. It's pretty simple. Just create a file called autorun.inf on the CD's root. It should contain the following:

icon= cdicon.ico

Of course, if you have another application to run rather than setup.exe, you will substitute that application. The icon line is not required but you can use it if you wish to point to your icon file.   

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