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C2005 - Why does my external media get loaded so slowly in my packaged files?

by - Joseph Ganci

When refering to external media from a packaged file, it runs extremely slowly. Every time it has to load an external file the packaged file stalls. It can't seem to remember the path where the files are stored and has to go and look every time. Any ideas would be greatfully appreciated.  My only solution at tbis stage is to change everything to be stored internally. My deadline is coming fast!!

The best way to fix this is to make sure that the paths to your external media are all relative to your Authorware file. For instance, place all your media files in a subfolder to your file called Media. Then, when you link to your external files, the path should default to .\subfolder so that everything is relative to your file. If you've already linked all your files, move them all into a subfolder called Media, then use the External Media Browser to change the path for each media element to the subfolder. Use the subfolder under your packaged file as well and you should have no trouble with Authorware finding your external files quickly.

One of the big reasons why external media, libraries, external functions, or other such files can load so slowly is if they originally were loaded from a network drive or from a drive letter that does not exist on the machine that is running the packaged file.  For instance, if you loaded a graphic file from your F: drive, and there is no F: drive on the delivery platform, or if it had been loaded from \\myserver\\mydirectory\\myfile, and that server or directory does not exist on the delivery platform, Authorware will wait until the normal network timeout reports that the server or directory does not exist. On some networks, this could mean a 30 to 60 second wait for every item needed!

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