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C2006 - Why does my packaged file start so slowly?

by - Joseph Ganci

I've noticed that running my program from CDROM or the hard disk is very slow to startup. The slow part seems to be before any of my code is accessed. Is it that the AW5 runtime software is just slow to load into memory or something?

Make sure you only include the Xtras you need in your Xtras folder. Having unnecessary Xtras will only slow down the start of your application, as Authorware loads in all the Xtras before it start executing your code.  It is really no different from Photoshop when it starts, for instance: it will always load its plugins before letting you draw on the screen. Since Xtras extend Authorware, Authorware is in essence building itself before it will run your code. But you don't have to give Authorware's run time any additional capabilities above and beyond what you need. If for instance, you don't use GIF graphics, don't include the GIFIMP Xtra. You can find more info in the Help section, under the keyword Packaging, and also on the Macromedia web site.

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