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C1001 - I have a corrupt icon I can't delete! What do I do instead?

by - Joseph Ganci

[This is a general quote of a questions asked by several.] My file has been exhibiting strange behaviors.  I have located the problem in an icon that has somehow become corrupt.  When I try to delete the icon, I'm told there is not enough memory (or I get a different message or my system crashes).  What do I do?

Sometimes an icon in your file will become corrupt.  This used to be much more common in previous versions of Authorware.  Back when I was using version 1.0 on the Mac, I got quite used to seeing the Grim Reaper appear on the screen.  It was back then that I learned to back up often.  But even in the current version it is possible for an icon to become corrupt.  Regardless of why an icon becomes corrupt, once it has become corrupt you may find it difficult to delete it, bringing your file to its knees.

Try one of these two approaches. One of them should work:

1. Save and Compact your file. Sometimes this will be enough to fix the problem.
2. Drag the offending icon to the bottom of the level 1 flowline.  Once there, highlight all the other icons on level 1, copy them to the clipboard, then paste them into a new file.  The corrupt icon, of course, remains behind. Alternatively, you can create a model or knowledge object of all the other icons instead of copying them to the clipboard, then paste it into a new file.

This is a lot easier to do if your file isn't huge, but if it is, you can copy and paste small pieces at a time.  The danger in doing so is you will probably lose links between icons. You may have to do some rework in the new file, but you'll probably still save a lot of time over trying to work in the old file.  

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