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C2002 - How do I get rid of the closing Made with Macromedia screen?

by - Joseph Ganci

I need to edit out the final Made with Macromedia title screen that comes with all Authorware packaged files.  Our client has asked us to get rid of all advertising in the Authorware applications we are producing for them.

Since you are seeing this screen, you are using the Educational version of Authorware, not the Commercial version.  The Educational version is a low-cost copy of the full Authorware application.  The only difference is you see the Made with Macromedia title screen.  The reason the screen is in the Educational version is precisely so that it can't be used for commerical purposes.  Commercial purposes means using the product in any way that generates income for you, directly or indirectly.  Since you refer to your "client", it is likely you are in violation of the licensing agreement that came with your copy of Authorware.

The only legal way to get rid of the title screen is to upgrade to the Commercial version.  

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